Respite Care

Respite CareRespite care is all about taking care of the caregiver. We understand that caring for an elderly or ill loved one can take a toll on your personal and professional life, so we refer care providers that can offer the safe, reliable respite care Orlando seniors and their families need.

Respite care offers family caregivers temporary relief from the physical and emotional burdens of caregiving, reducing stress and preserving family stability. Respite care is an important part of an overall home care strategy and can be offered in the home or a variety of other settings.

  • In-Home Respite
    • A referred care provider can be brought into
      the home for a specific period of time to provide
      oversight and care to your loved one, allowing
      you to leave the home or have personal time to
      take care of your own needs.
  • Alzheimer’s Respite
    • We can refer a care provider who specializes in
      Alzheimer’s and dementia care to provide care
      for your loved one for a specified period of time.
      Respite is especially important when caring for a
      loved one with Alzheimer’s, as it can be a physically
      and emotionally draining task. By having a Respite
      care provider with experience in Alzheimer's Care,
      you can take a break from your caregiving duties
      so you can return refreshed and healthy.
  • Hospital Support
    • Qualified care providers can perform additional
      support during a stay at the hospital, giving your
      loved one constant care and attention during some
      or all of their stay, and keeping family members up-to-date.
  • Overnight
    • Sometimes you need a temporary care provider to
      stay with your loved one overnight if you’re in need
      of a good night’s sleep or need to travel. With
      overnight Respite Care, your loved one will be looked
      after by one of the qualified care providers we refer,
      ensuring safety and companionship while you’re away.
  • Travel Care
    • If you are planning a trip with your loved one and
      need extra assistance during your travels, we can
      refer a care provider to travel with you and perform
      necessary care. They will be discreet and compassionate,
      allowing your family to enjoy the trip and each other’s
      company, while keeping your loved one safe and
      properly looked after.

For more information about the trusted respite care Orlando families deserve, or to schedule a free in-home consultation, contact a Client Care Liaison today!


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